Engineered Wood Floor Installation

Floors 2 Luv is the leading engineered wood floor contractor for Houston, TX. Everyone loves a wood floor, but not everyone appreciates the high price and the tendency for shrinkage. If you’ve ever wondered about an alternative to wood floors for your Houston, TX, home, Floors 2 Luv would like to suggest engineered wood floors.

Engineered wood floors can be less expensive than solid wood floors and provide a stable, long-lasting flooring option. They are especially well-suited as a great covering for concrete floors in areas as humid as Texas can be, since they are not prone to shrinkage and pulling up.

Even the experts can have a hard time telling the difference between an engineered wood floor and a solid wood floor. The same grain, finish and warm beauty can be obtained with crafted flooring materials that mimic solid wood.

What is Engineered Wood?

Engineered wood is hand-crafted wood designed to be both strong and flexible to take the place of traditional wood floors. Engineered wood can have multiple layers of wood of different types that are layered and bonded together to make one solid piece. The grains of each piece are turned in alternate ways to maximize the strength provided by the manufactured piece.

Some styles have a tongue-and-groove system for easier installation. The top piece is traditionally a beautiful hardwood or bamboo and can be constructed to be thick enough to support up to three refinishes throughout the years. The end product is a less expensive, more durable floor that is an excellent choice for concrete floors and wood subfloors.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Floor for Your Houston, TX Home

When you’re considering the type of material to be used in your home, price per square foot isn’t the only criterion that deserves your attention. Here are some other benefits of engineered wood floors:

  • Usually less expensive than solid wood floors
  • Better choice for concrete floors
  • Holds up well to climate fluctuations, humidity and subfloor moisture
  • Can be made of fast-growing, easily-replenished types of wood such as bamboo
  • Minimizes expanding and shrinking
  • Pretreated wood often comes with a finish
  • Wood can be made to specifications for the right amount of flexibility, thickness and finish
  • Thinner profile can give you added headroom in areas such as a basement
  • Transitions between floors and doorways can be crafted easily with a range of thicknesses available
  • Engineered wood flooring can cover existing floors such as ceramic, tile, vinyl, old wood, concrete and more
  • Ideal for in-floor radiant heat

Satisfied Engineered Floor Customers in Houston, TX

Engineered wood floors can be tricky to install correctly and they require expert craftsmanship. Having installed beautiful engineered wood floors to satisfied customers throughout the region for many years, Floors 2 Luv can recommend the right floor for the right installation job to make sure your new floor is truly a showpiece.

Floors 2 Luv’s Complete Flooring Offerings Include:

  • Engineered Wood Floor Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • New Floor Design
  • Engineered Wood Floor Restoration
  • Hardwood Floor Restoration
  • Parquet Floor Installation
  • Exquisite Wood Floor Refinishing
  • New Carpet Installation
  • Tile Installation
  • Stone Installation

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