Wood Floor Installation

You might not give your floors much thought — until it comes time to replace them; then you are faced with the many different options out there. For busy Texan families whose floors need to stand up to kids and pets, and life in general, laminate floors are a good option. They are very durable and require almost no maintenance. The most common designs have a wood grain appearance; some are made to look like stone or marble.

Engineered or pre-finished floors are becoming ever more popular as technological advances in the construction of material has greatly improved the quality of the product. Engineered wood flooring has a real wood surface layer and a cross laminated bottom layer which gives the product its strength and durability. As a consumer you benefit from the wide range of options available when choosing a pre-finished floor that perfectly fits your home such as: type of wood, width and color.

Engineered floors offers additional options including: hand-scraping and distressed products. Some of the benefits of an engineered floor are that it can be glued directly to a concrete slab, and your furniture can be moved back in as soon as it is finished. The time required for installation of engineered flooring is about half of the time required for a un-finished floor, start to finish.

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